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SPY Report


This report is the weaponry that arms you with intelligence on actual and real time transaction data in the areas you are eager to analyse. It also reveals the terms and conditions that are being negotiated and agreed upon.

Spy Report Gives you a comparative analysis between a decision between renewal or shifting. It gives you cost implication of shifting and renewal so that you are ready to take an informed decision.


Real Time Transaction Analysis

Insider Information on the latest lease transaction data and an analysis of the same to derive a comparative analysis.

Weaponary for Fresh Lease

Consider you are are armed with all information of attacking a transaction with predetermined combat strategy and you are already prepared with enemy side data. SPY Report is just that.

Current Lease Dynamics

We ananlyse and opine whether the lease term that you have agreed is at par with market trends or you could have done better.

Cost Benefit Analysis

SPY Report compares a Cost of Shifting to Cost of Renewal so that decision making is convenient.

Renewal Negotiation

If your lease is expiring and you would like to engage us to geta renewal as per market parameters, we can enable you to support you with data and information.

Rental Forecast

Based on Local Expertise, rental trends, and most importantly future occupancy SPY Reports plots a rental trend for the properties under consideration.

SPY Report

Check Out How A Spy Report Can Change the way Lease Negotiations are done...