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SPACIYA As A Catalyst

Co-working Spaces are the latest trend amongst startups and enterprises to get freedom from lockable spaces. SPACIYA Advisors help such companies or start-ups to design effectively a lease plan for such flexible spaces and works as a consultant to choose the most suitable co-working spaces across the world.


Flexible Spaces

Co-working is the ultimate means to freedom from lockable spaces for a start-up or enterprise to contract or expand at will.

At Par With Technology

Collaborative work spaces are a budding group for technology startup and thereby offers great opportunities to collaborate with bright minds.

Shared Economy

In a Shared Office, where most of the operational expenses are shared between occupiers effectively reduces the cost of operation.

Networking and Collaborations

Co-working spaces are designed to offer opportunities to network and collaborate with diverse minds and businesses.

Capex Rationalisation

Collaborative environment offers solution to large capex deployment for a new office and optimise the capital so saved t deploy in business.

Community Based Workplaces

Most of the co-working spaces conduct events, seminars and opportunities for people to connect as a community.


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